Telling Your Story: Capture Information about Your Achievements


By Jennifer L. Hay

Some people are natural storytellers. They describe events and circumstances in a way that captures people’s attention, compels interest, and engages listeners. Storytellers stand in direct contrast with those people who use language solely for targeted and factual communications. During interviews and in professional networking situations, the storyteller has a distinct advantage — the ability to engage and interest people, who can open doors and present opportunities.

Storytelling brings images, actions, and people to life. Well told stories capture the imagination and interest of the listener and are memorable long past their telling. They can propel you from stating the hard facts — dollars and cents, and percentages — to describing events and circumstances in terms of connections with people, relationships, and value. Telling stories in a way that draws attention to your career achievements is a natural fit. Engaging stories about how you solved problems, created opportunities, and nurtured productive teams make the difference between moving forward and remaining behind.

For those who come from a long line of storytellers or who have a natural talent for expression through stories, this comes easily. For others, it is a technique learned through practice and repetition. In both cases, the art of telling compelling stories will open doors to tremendous opportunities.

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