Software Engineer Resume Summary Storytelling Example

Without Storytelling

  • My background is unique—I’ve had a lot of diverse experience, where I’ve needed to quickly become proficient with new technologies, constraints, and challenges.
  • The breadth and depth of my experience makes me different from others who do the same job—I’m able to pull from a fairly large pool of skills.
  • I’ve developed a reputation for pulling rabbits out of my hat, over and over. I’m always counted on to deliver on time and under budget. I’m always counted on to deal with the most difficult problems and situations, and I take pride in being able to do this.
  • My former managers/peers would agree that I am very persistent and committed, and I have very high standards—I expect a lot from myself and from my peers.
  • I have a natural talent for learning and self-educating, which makes me better than most at what I do. I’m able to quickly develop skills and proficiency on my own, without training.

Revised Version With Storytelling

Software Engineer with a long track record of delivering great software products under challenging constraints and within fast-faced environments and tight timelines. Takes on multiple roles as a project and team leader, quickly coming up to speed to drive quality into software design, development, and implementation. Recognized as the ‘go to’ guy to resolve the most difficult and complex issues to get to the heart of the problem.