Software Engineer Resume Storytelling Example

Without Storytelling

The following bullet item was in my client’s original resume. The statement is rather flat and doesn’t provide any business context. After reading it, you have no idea why it was important to reduce the process time or even what type of timetable it was.

  • Analyzed business rules of Master Timetable data Validation and improved Master Timetable data validation process by optimizing data model and techniques. Reduced the process time.

Here are the questions I asked and the responses I received. You’ll see the story unfold.

What was the problem and what were the challenges?

While working for the city’s transportation department, the development team was asked to implement new business rules to change performance calculations and reporting for the master timetable.

Due to funding cycles, we were only given a deadline of 5 months which was very challenging.

What was produced and delivered?

Implementing an efficient and accurate timetable was core to the running buses and streetcars. As a team we implemented core components of a master timetable application. We complied with the Service Level Agreement by updating performance calculations and reporting to ensure compliance.

Who got value from the solution?

The project was completed on time without any glitches, resulting in increased confidence by business users and stakeholders in the IT team. This really helped my team moving forward with other projects.

What was your role? What did you do?

I designed and developed core aspects of the solution and worked with the testing team to create test data. To implement the project, I had to work in almost all stages of development.  I had to take on multiple job responsibilities as a Systems Analyst and Lead Developer. I also helped the BA during requirement gathering phase.

What was unexpected? What was a challenge?

The existing application had complex business rules, the Business analyst had just joined the project and the existing documentation was not very detailed.

What went well and why?

In the past, getting stakeholders involved in technical projects was difficult. In this case, I actively worked to keep them interested in the project, from the very beginning. This made a difference throughout the project.

Revised Version With Storytelling

This client decided to use all the language, except for the last sub-bullet. He talked about the stakeholder engagement during his interviews. In his original resume, he only described updating a master timetable and improving the data validation process. Without the business context, his original statements meant little to anyone outside his department.

  • Designed and developed core application components to streamline vehicle fleet operations and implement new business rules for the city’s transportation system.
    • Co-facilitated requirements workshops to define requirements for the modernization of the master timetable and the delivery of service data used to monitor operational performance. Modified complex performance calculations and reporting to comply with new business rules.
    • Met a challenging 5-month deadline, working with team in an environment with poorly defined documentation and inexperienced staff.
    • Played the roles of System Analyst and Lead Developer for the creation of technical specifications, development of Java and database components, data migration to a new operator, and training of testers and developers.
    • Stakeholder participation and engagement was the key to getting this right. Continuous communications, lots of prototyping, and actively listening to feedback made a big difference.