Software Developer Resume Summary Storytelling Example

Without Storytelling

  • My background is unique in banking because I bring IT experience from the processing and bank side of the industry.
  • My desire to achieve the goal makes me different from others who do the same job.
  • As an IT professional I’ve developed a reputation for getting things done in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • At the heart of my experience are these three strengths: Ability to convey and explain IT processes and technologies to non-technical audience, calmness because of preparedness, “there is always a way” mind set (probably from military background.
  • My former managers/peers would agree that the reason I am so good at what I do is because of my confidence. I know I will resolve the problem or build the software and/or process to meet the needs of the task.
  • I’m able to convey and explain IT processes and technologies to non-technical audience (my current bank customers).

Revised Version With Storytelling

Software Developer with 13+ years’ experience in design and development for software integration and process automation. Enthusiastically takes on new problems and challenges to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions.

  • Highly skilled in breaking down silos of information and isolated processes — meeting needs for data, system, and process integration that are fundamental to business operations.
  • Proven track record in all aspects of software development from architecture to implementation. Maintains the testing environment and the QA infrastructure.
  • Versatile technologist experienced with a broad range of programming, communications, and data management tools and a demonstrated ability to quickly learn new technologies.