Program Manager Resume Storytelling Example

Without Storytelling

What was the problem and what were the challenges?

I work for a commercial real estate firm, and they have a complex org structure that includes a core global team based in Seattle and affiliate offices all over the world.  The global IT team, which I was part of, consisted of about 30 individuals.  This organization was particularly challenging because at times, the work priorities and time commitments were in total conflict. It was my responsibility to gain consensus by using my communication and coordination skills. People just wanted to be heard.

What work did you perform?

I always assume responsibilities outside the scope of my job.  Even though my official title remained Quality Assurance Manager, internally I was asked to be the Global IT Portfolio Manager.  These responsibilities allowed me to manage all the IT projects that spanned multiple regions.  I managed teams of project managers, software engineers, and testing/QA engineers.

I naturally grow into a role where I know everything that is going on and ensure that process moves smoothly.

One of the last tasks I was asked to do was to bring an internal tool to a new office.  I knew of the tool and my director gave me the name of the IT Director at the new office.  From that I did all the planning, communication, scheduling of dev resources, training, testing, coordinating with corporate financial team.

What skills did you develop in this position?

One of the notable changes for me was that I learned to leverage my relationship with my boss to remove obstacles that were outside of my control. I took on expanded responsibilities to ensure everything ran smoothly so my boss could focus on other issues. I brought him in strategically when his position was required to move something forward. It was this relationship that allowed the both of us to be more productive.

Revised Version With Storytelling

For this client, the primary things missing from his resume were about how he was able to address the challenges in the organization through strong communication and coordination skills.  He also took on expanded responsibilities to ensure the work was successful.

Delivered projects on time and within budget for a “top three” commercial real estate firm. Served in multiple job roles throughout the project lifecycle, including Project Manager, QA/Test Lead, and Release Manager. Willingly took on new responsibilities and viewed them as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Took on expanded responsibilities as the Global IT Portfolio Manager, managing a 30-member team comprised of project managers, software engineers, and testing/QA engineers across multiple regions.
  • Led throughout the challenges of a complex organizational structure that included a core team based in Seattle and affiliate offices all over the world. Gaining consensus and moving projects forward required exceptional communication and coordination skills.
    • Managed IT projects across multiple regions, including planning, communication, scheduling of development resources, training, testing, and coordination with the corporate financial Maximized the use of resources both onsite and offshore.
    • All software development was completed within very tight and nearly impossible deadlines.