IT Manager Resume Summary Storytelling Example

Without Storytelling

  • My background is unique because a majority of work has been done in very fast paced IT departments, similar to startups.
  • My ability to work with diverse cultures makes me uniquely suited as a manager for today’s changing workforce
  • I’ve developed a reputation for continuously introducing emerging technology and seamlessly integrating them in our architecture.
  • At the heart of my experience are these three strengths: innovative, taking ownership of my work, and always creating new ideas.
  • My former managers/peers would agree that I’m good at assessing our environment and then defining a roadmap of projects to achieve our digital goals.

Revised Version With Storytelling

Engineering Services Manager leads the development and deployment of enterprise solutions in fast-paced environments and to a very demanding client base. Brings together a culturally diverse team that is highly productive. A long career tenure of creating and executing targeted technology roadmaps and plans to keep pace with emerging technologies and the dramatically increasing need for advanced capabilities. Seeds the ideas for technology transformations by showcasing the value and owning the work from the proof of concept to the delivery of the solution architecture.