IT Director Resume Summary Storytelling Example

Without Storytelling

  • My background is unique because I have a broad general knowledge of IT. I may not be the best specialist in any particular area, but 1) I can always learn and 2) my broad knowledge helps me a lot,
  • My ability to combine hands-on and management skills makes me different from others who do the same job. I can easily pivot from defining a strategy for a corporate effort to resolving a particular challenging technical problem. I like that every day is not the same.
  • I’ve developed a reputation for getting things done.
  • My top three strengths: desire to learn and ability to learn quickly, inquisitive, and broad knowledge.
  • My former managers/peers would agree that my ability to learn and ask questions is important to my success. I hire smart people to generate new ideas and think differently.

Revised Version With Storytelling

IT Director with a career history of being recruited for demanding jobs in startup environments and positioning them for success.

  • Within environments of rapidly shifting priorities, manages all aspects of IT operations and projects with scope of responsibility from strategy to daily operations.
  • Enjoys the entrepreneurial spirt and the exploration of new ideas in startup companies.
  • Builds creative teams for the right mix of talent, recruiting naturally inquisitive individuals who are fascinated by innovation.