Enterprise Architect Resume Summary Storytelling Example

Without Storytelling

  • I am able to successfully lead modernization projects because I have in-depth experience with Enterprise Architecture systems and landscapes.
  • I have a strong ability to clearly communicate options, with respect to strategic objectives, with Executive and Senior Leadership. They trust my judgement across the organization, and I know how to respond to workplace politics.
  • My three strengths: Communication to key stakeholders: adherence to strategic principles, policies, procedures and processes; teaming up to accelerate.
  • My former managers/peers would agree that I quickly analyze problems or risks and develop multiple solutions from both Business and IT inputs. I stay updated on technology trends.
  • My natural talent is communication, whether speaking to a peer, an IT Senior Manager or a Business Executive. I understand roles and perspectives and I can steer and focus the conversation in a way to gain their support.

Revised Version With Storytelling

Enterprise Architect who is a trusted advisor and effective communicator across the entire organization from senior management to the IT and business teams.  Guides and focuses discussions to gain support and full engagement throughout each initiative.

  • Ensures that all stakeholders are actively consulted, continually communicates the architecture and its value, and is conscious of the organizational politics at play.
  • In a leadership role, applies experience in development team management to lead very successful modernization efforts in highly collaborative, enterprise-wide environments.
  • Defines and evolves strategic roadmaps aligned with leading technology vendors.