CIO Resume Summary Storytelling Example

Without Storytelling

Enthusiasm.  I have it for everything I do.  I want to be a part of the new company expansion and pass along to others why this matters.  I want to participate with the engineering designers to encourage them to consider a new design platform or project delivery method.  If, as a company we meet our financial goals or if one of my network guys discovers why we are over-burdening a data circuit or we learn of a new mobile app that allows someone to their job just little more effectively or I get a project team interested in a cloud-based collaboration product I get excited.

I encourage debate.  In any operation that has as many years experience as my company it is easy for worker to make the statement that “Nobody like change.”  In this world we live in today I find that to be so not true.  Especially when the person making that statement is sitting behind a very powerful computer or holding a smartphone or sharing digital pictures or updating posts on a social network.  I seek out others to share information, help them use it and find a way to it relevant to their life.

Revised Version With Storytelling

In this case, my client’s statements in his questionnaire didn’t naturally translate to his resume summary. What did translate, however, was his enthusiasm and enjoyment for a job well done. I ended up putting most of his responses in his LinkedIn Profile since it was a great fit for that platform.  I used his stories from his professional experience to write the following.

Revenue Generating CIO with direct ties to profitable business decisions and lucrative lines of business. Builds the technical infrastructures that enable C-level and Board level decisions to be rapidly fulfilled without incurring unplanned costs. Unique, business-minded perspective of providing a customizable IT department that regularly elicits feedback from the business community. Passionate and enthusiastic for creating next generation capabilities.

Most Current Accomplishments:

  • Recruited by executive team to drive technical capabilities during a time of dramatic business growth.
  • Provided leadership for the most ambitious and disruptive endeavor the company has encountered to date. Openly shares information and builds strong teams.
  • Integrated smarter advanced technologies that expanded essential business capabilities and maximized the business investment