Skills to Highlight in Your DBA Resume


By Jennifer L. Hay

DBAs ensure the ongoing operational functionality and efficiency of an organization’s databases and the applications that access those databases.

Their responsibilities overlap/intersect with Data Administrators, Database Analysts, Database Architects, and Performance Analysts.

At the program level, they ensure that application programs have efficient, accurate access to the corporation’s data. They establish a security strategy, architecture, and policies and develop a backup and recovery strategy and provide disaster recovery planning.

At the project level, they:

  • Deploy, maintain, and scale cloud infrastructures.
  • Support data quality initiatives.
  • Provide capacity planning and adjustments to meet the needs of new projects and applications.
  • Define security requirements and design. Implement security measures.
  • Integrate databases with other technologies.
  • Plan for and manage data synchronization.
  • Set up the ad hoc query environment (query, reporting tool evaluation, policies and procedures, stored procedures, triggers, user-defined functions)
  • Install and configure databases.

At the operational level, they:

  • Provide routine backup and protection from data loss.
  • Monitor and support transaction processing (OLTP) and analytic environments (data warehouse, data lakes, etc.).
  • Apply database security techniques.
  • Monitor storage capacity and make modifications (CPU power, memory, storage, and network).
  • Monitor and manage access, performance, and compliance with SLAs.

DBAs possess essential knowledge and skills in the following:

  • Knowledge of data extraction, transformation, and loading techniques
  • Knowledge of logical and physical data modeling techniques
  • Aware of NoSQL and cloud computing
  • Understands the complexities of the DBMS
  • ▪Ability to apply data modeling for database design
  • Knowledge of IT components with which the DBMS interacts: application programming languages, operating system, network protocols and products, transaction processors, computer hardware
  • Knowledge of big data tool and frameworks
  • Knowledge of streaming technologies

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