Skills to Highlight in Your Data Steward Resume


By Jennifer L. Hay

Data Stewards work in a leadership role to manage a portfolio of business data. They affect change in business processes, technology systems, and governance in order to ensure the business data objectives can be met.

Their responsibilities overlap/intersect with Data Analysts, Data Curators, and Business Process Owners.

At the program level, they:

  • Align data with value opportunities.
  • Look at data required to run the business.
  • Organize and manage based on priorities and data roadmap.
  • Observe data usage practices and understand the variety of data use cases.
  • Formalize and standardize data names and definitions.
  • Focus at a higher level on data concepts (subjects, entities, relationships) and at a detail level on data elements.

At the project level, they:

  • Implement a data governance and stewardship program.
  • Implement self service data for use by customers and employees.
  • Build a diverse team of technical and business data expert to resolve data issues.
  • Resolve data element problems ranging from definition to allowed values.
  • Evaluate and communicate about data quality.
  • Work with logical data models to understand data structure, relationships, and contents.
  • Document and communicate data descriptions, profiles, and annotations.
  • Work in concert with business process owners to define and implement automated or streamlined processes.
  • Focus on a logical view of the data – entities and attributes.

At the operational level, they resolve data element problems ranging from definition to allowed values.

Data Stewards possess essential knowledge and skills in the following:

  • Understand the priorities and strategies of the business unit
  • Knowledge of logical data modeling, data relationships, and databases
  • Interested in data requirements (e.g., customer-to-order)
  • Interested in relationships of data to systems (Use CRUD mapping that describes which systems create, retrieve, update, and delete which data)
  • Interested in business and technical metadata
  • Understands how to convert data into information
  • Understands how to manage data as a corporate asset
  • Enterprise Data Management and Governance skills

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