Skills to Highlight in Your Data Scientist Resume


By Jennifer L. Hay

Data Scientists use advanced mathematics and statistical analysis to create things that connect with the intellect.

Their responsibilities overlap/intersect with Data Engineers and Data Analysts.

At the program level, they use data science, analytics, and ML to achieve goals. They provide a strategic advantage to the organization by driving digital transformations, fostering a culture of analytics, fostering sharing and reuse, and minimizing redundance and waste.

At the project level, they build and deploy analytic models, and build and manage data services (this is actually data engineering, but many data scientists also perform this role.)

At the operational level, they maintain models, day-to-day operations, modify when changes in data, business environment, consumer behaviors, competitor behaviors, etc.

Data Scientists possess essential knowledge and skills in the following:

  • Data Preparation Skills
  • Programming Skills (database querying languages such as SQL and statistical programming language such as Python and R)
  • Statistical Skills
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI skills
  • Software Engineering Skills
  • Knowledge of Data Architectures and Data Lifecycle from inception to model to business decision
  • Understand the complexities of data flows and data pipelines
  • Knowledge of the Business Domain and ability to analyze business risk
  • Analytic Model Creation and Maintenance skills
  • Understand why and how an analytic model works
  • Communication Skills (verbal, written, and data visualization)
  • Knowledge of Data Management (structured and unstructured data)
  • Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistical Inference, and Logistic Regression Skills
  • Knowledge of Big Data Frameworks
  • Knowledge of Relational Databases

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