Which projects should I include on my resume?


I have worked on a large number of projects. If I add everything, my resume will be really long. How do I know which ones to include?


The question about which projects to include can often be found in the job description. When you prepare your resume, think about creating a longer version so that you can customize it down when you apply for positions.

As an example, the following was the first sentence in software engineering job description.

“While you can expect to spend most of your time in solution design and development, a large portion will also be spent digging into complex problems, including debugging third-party systems and recommending mitigations both immediate and long-term.”

Your resume should have specific examples illustrating the following skills.

Solution design and development – What did you design and development and why was it important to the company?

Complex problems, including debugging third-party systems – Were you involved in problem framing or deep root cause analysis? How about decoupling problems into manageable pieces?

Recommending mitigations both immediate and long-term – What is your experience in risk management and mitigation. Have you developed rapid interim solutions to mitigate immediate risks?

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