What Should I include in my Resume Summary?


I’m not sure what skills to include in my summary.  How do I fit all of my skills in there?


Resume summaries need to be short and to the point. There is no room for fluff.

Start by selecting those things that differentiate you. Then add these to your summary and include specific examples in your professional experience section.

The following is from a client’s summary. For each achievement statement in his summary, I added specific project examples in his experience section. I used this approach to reinforce the messages by demonstrating how he applied this skill.


Infrastructure Architect and Engineer defines the standards and design that ensures the health of the infrastructure and the privacy of highly sensitive data. Performs technology stewardship by continually assessing products, tools and upgrades that support scalability and corporate growth. Ensures security of a company’s infrastructure by preventing hacking, virus attacks, and identifying and plugging other vulnerabilities.

Professional Experience

  • Initiated migration to Office 365 using a minimal hybrid approach for greater mobility, flexible access, simplified high availability for secure data, and reduced risk of malware.

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