What should I include in my Program Manager resume?


I have worked as a program manager for over 5 years, and my team and I completed a lot of projects during that time. What should I focus my resume on?


Most people know that the primary challenges that program managers face are leading multiple, simultaneous projects. Think about what this requires – its a balancing act, with resource allocation and priorities management a primary concern. Additionally, program managers provide oversight and are attentive to quality, security, compliance, and privacy.  They must work within the uncertainty of continuous change as businesses struggle to stay competitive.

Some other challenges of program management include integrated planning across the organization; program success metrics; broad change management; the resolution of conflicting stakeholder expectations; and guiding the technology evolution of the IT environment.

Remember that a program manager is often a strategic leadership role.  If your resume or LinkedIn profile can touch on some of these things, then you will be able to deliver a powerful message about your strengths.

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