Should I use ‘Strategic Consultant’ on my resume or the more general ‘Consultant’?


Should I use ‘Strategic Consultant’ on my resume or the more general ‘Consultant’?


Consultants naturally fall into two categories – the strategic consultant and everyone else.

Strategic consultants are the most influential among third party staffing. They provide guidance and advice with long-term and strategic implications. Effective consultants don’t bring answers but help their clients to find answers. The right questions, not the right answers, are frequently the most meaningful of consultant contributions.

The nature of strategic consulting services leads to advice and guidance with far-reaching effects on IT architecture and on the value of the business capabilities provided. The level of impact, combined with the frequency with which consultants are used, places quality of consulting services among the critical success factors.

If needed, this type of consultant can take on the role and responsibility of an interim executive, such as a CIO, CISO, CTO, or CDO. If this description fits you, then you should definitely describe yourself as a Strategic Consultant.

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