How do I show soft skills in my technical resume?


How do I show soft skills in my technical resume?


In the past, when I looked for software engineering jobs, the descriptions were mostly about languages and technologies. Has that changed? This is from a job that interests me. I don’t have a clue how to respond to this.

You have a passion for solving complex problems and you are always developing and growing your skills as an engineer. You do great work even when no one is watching. The drive to deliver is just part of you.

Yes, things have changed. More and more, companies are looking for both hard and soft skills. Think about using a storytelling approach – you can describe events and circumstances in terms of connections with people, relationships, and value.

Telling stories is a way to draw attention to your career achievements. Well-told stories capture the imagination and interest of the listener and are memorable long past their telling. In resume and in interviews, the storyteller has a distinct advantage – the ability to engage and interest people who can open doors and present opportunities.

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