How do I make my QA/Test resume less boring?


I actually like testing but when I describe my work to others, they rapidly lose interest. How can I make my resume more interesting?


I think that the problem is how you are describing your work. Testers work in very challenging situations, and they need a strong skill set to be successful. Here are just a few examples.

You have solid investigative skills. You are good at breaking things to find the vulnerabilities. You excel in analyzing the details. You understand priorities. You ask good questions. You analyze data. You are good at reporting. You have good communication skills. And you are definitely a team player.

  • Replaced an ad hoc testing approach that jeopardized system integrity and impacted the user experience. Implemented test management practices to accurately define, measure, and track quality goals.
  • Conducted an assessment to identify defects. Documented existing system into a functional spec to use as a baseline for future development work.
  • Introduced an effective audit process that could stand up to any scrutiny.
  • Led testing projects and took on different roles, including SAP system support for managing access and end-of-month period closure.

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