How do I know if my resume is good enough?


There are several jobs that really interest me. I want to make sure that my resume is well done so that I get a call.  How do I know if my resume is a good fit for these positions?


A resume that this is dominated by technology, technical details, and generic statements will struggle to perform well.  This is an example of a factual but boring resume.

  • Implemented a VMware virtual infrastructure on Equal Logic SAN.
  • Established a VPN connection for medical staff to access data.
  • Scheduled and deployed software patches and upgrades, maintain Active directory services and createdDisaster Recovery plans for the group domain.

This is the same resume after more information was gathered and it was rewritten.

  • Designed and developed a comprehensive plan to implement a VMware virtual infrastructure, utilizing existing resources. Contributed to establishing a persuasive business case.
  • Reduced system and data redundancy by enabling medical staff to connect over VPN to sensitive patient information on a centralized data repository.
  • Delivered reliable and secure access to a searchable repository of in vivo cancer images, working directly with the organization’s security team.

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