How do I get a Project Manager job without ever having that job title?


I have been in IT for about 13 years, and I am trying to decide which technologies to include. Some of the tools are older and while they are still used, they are not exactly cutting edge. Do you have any guidelines about what to include?


There are 3 approaches to take:

1) Include legacy tools – You become the person who maintains legacy environments. Every organization has legacy stuff, and they need great problem solvers to work in these environments. Just keep in mind that once you become that go-to person, it is difficult to transition to more modern tools.

2) Include a mixture of legacy and current tools – you become the person who bridges the gap between legacy and current.  You are the person who is pulling the lagging edge forward.  This is a high demand skill set.

3) Include primarily emerging tools – you are the person who is always looking to leverage the very latest tools and techniques for the organization. You drive change and transformational efforts.  You get excited about the next great thing.

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