How can I fit all of my technical achievements in a one-page resume?


I’ve read different articles about the need for a one-page resume. I have 12 years of experience in IT, and I have no idea how to condense it down to one page. What is a good practice?


The answer to this question is you can’t. If you have more than 3 years of experience it simply won’t fit on one page – 2-2.5 pages is quite typical. To get a technical job you need a list of technologies you’ve used, the certifications you have, and the training you attended to build technical capabilities. Then you need to describe your projects and include details.

How is all of that supported to fit in a one-page resume? The answer is it doesn’t.

All that resume writing advice that is so prevalent is about non-technical resumes. There are lots of people who write articles about resume writing who don’t actually make their living writing resumes.

Use your common sense. Write out your project information and then try to condense the language. If you think that something is important to your job search, include it. Make the content interesting and the story compelling, so people will continue to read your resume.

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