How can I describe a chaotic situation I resolved?


When I came into my current job it really was a mess. They had to fire one developer and customers were upset with the company. My first responsibility was to perform a thorough assessment and come up with plan to mitigate all the risks.


You never want to be disrespectful in a resume, but you also want the reader to understand the challenges you faced. These challenges are often what distinguishes you from others. With some thought, I believe that you can be both respectful and informative. Here is an example of how to handle this.

  • Took on a leader role to resolve a number of pressing issues to mitigate the risks of an unsupported and underperforming Citrix environment.
    • Challenges: The Citrix environment was problematic, the end-user acceptance level was unsatisfactory, and a security audit finding needed to be resolved. The environment was out of compliance, regarding licensing and software versioning.
    • The resume then went on to describe how each of these issues had been resolved.

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