Can my resume help with my long-terms goals to become a Chief Data Officer?


My long-term goal is to become a Chief Data Officer (CDO). My background is in both business intelligence, analytics, and reporting.  I believe that I already have some of the skills that are important in a CDO – How can I add this to my resume?


There are a number of ways to do this. Let’s start with data cultures.

Becoming a successful CDO is about creating a strong data culture. It is about changing mindsets, ways of thinking, and ingrained practices around the use of data. It is an evolutionary process that impacts all aspects of an organization.  To demonstrate these skills, you could describe your work related to:

  • Your work around self-service data analysis
  • Coming up with new ways to use organizational data
  • Developing good relationships with senior management
  • Your contributions toward improving the way people use data

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