As a consultant, what job title should I use?


I am a consultant looking for a regular job in a company.  What job title should I use?


Consultants are typically deeply involved in the design, construction, and deployment of technical solutions. Their role is to work with the project stuff, planning, executing, testing, developing, and deploying to help deliver very successful projects. They may work on the individual contributor level or work leading and guiding the project team.

So, my question would be ‘what are the primary things that you do?’

If you evaluate all business requirements and come up with solutions in the form of products or services. If you are in charge of finding answers and actively leading projects to success, then you might think of the general title – Solutions Architect.

Another technique is to use the actual job title that you perform. For example, if you design and develop solutions, such as for the web, then you might describe yourself as a web developer or software engineer.

You find a quick answer by searching on a variety of job titles and then select the job descriptions that best fit your interests and skills.

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