How Do I Know if an IT Resume Writer is Qualified?


By Jennifer L. Hay

There are a lot of companies out there who are trying to get your hard-earned money by pretending that they know how to write technical resumes. When you are searching for resume writers really scrutinize the samples on their website – don’t just do a quick scan. If the IT resume samples on their website are bad, then its safe to assume that the company’s resume writing services are just as bad.

Here are two examples of how other IT resume writers totally failed to write compelling achievement statements for their client.

  • As a Senior DevOps Engineer, manage the end-to-end CI/CD pipeline and its code.

These are not interesting words, and they are confusing, Using the words “end-to-end” makes it sound like CI/CD pipelines have a beginning and an end.  Cs in CI/CD — both of them — stand for continuous. The CI/CD process is a cycle without ends. That’s what makes it continuous. “End-to-end” is a pretty good clue that the writer doesn’t have even a high-level understanding of CI/CD.

Also, since the Ops part of DevOps isn’t about deploying code, its about deploying business or technical capabilities, there is a missed opportunity here. The following is a far more compelling message —

  • Mobility Application Development Platform – Managed an R&D team in the development of new mobility platform to address evolving business agility requirements, enhance the mobile experience, and improve workplace productivity.
    • Collaborated with team to craft an innovative approach, embracing DevOps and Agile principles.
    • Provided a continuous delivery pipeline and powerful development, testing, and publishing capabilities including API manager, security gateway, push notifications, enterprise application catalog, and continuous integration.
  • As a Senior DevOps Engineer, contribute towards monthly releases by deploying code changes to production server.

DevOps is not monthly and in fact could be daily or weekly. This sounds like waterfall or perhaps a slower Agile process. Below is an illustration of the DevOps methodology.

Diagram showing the DevOps methodology

DevOps Methodology

If you look at the middle of the image, you’ll see a list of the typical benefits derived from using a DevOps methodology. When you write your resume consider these questions.

What was the project or product and why was it valuable to the organization?
What kind of feedback was received from the MVP?
Who did you collaborate and communicate with throughout the project?
What silos did eliminate and why was this important?
How did you reduce handoffs?
You create real-time visibility into what and why did it matter?
What overhead did you reduce?

An IT resume writer doesn’t need an in-depth understanding of technical processes, but since DevOps has become so prevalent, they should understand its basic components and the value it provides. A resume writer needs to know enough to ask the right questions, understand the project story, and then write out using language that is clear and easy to scan and understand.

The point of my commentary is that bland bullet items will not get you noticed and certainly will not distinguish you from all the other devops engineers. When you are searching for an IT Resume Writer, interview them to see if they understand your work. And don’t be shy about asking questions about any resume samples they provide.

About Jennifer Hay

I’ve been writing technical resumes and advising on career transitions for almost 15 years.

Throughout that time, I’ve read numerous articles about best practices for IT resume writing. What I found in those articles is a lot of bad information because it’s the same advice they give for non-technical professionals. This is important because IT resumes are different.

I built this website to share what I’ve learned in my career. I think you’ll find information on this website that will help make your IT resume a success.