Create a Value-Aligned IT Consultant Resume


By Jennifer L. Hay

IT consultants can measure their successes by focusing on Value, Integrity, Service, Trust, and Accountability while also making sure that their clients understand these differentiators. This should be part of their technical resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter.  These qualities are essential to extend beyond a simple provider-consumer relationship and to establish shared-value consulting relationships.

Value is fundamental to a successful consulting relationship. You must know and be able to articulate what value you will provide as a consultant or will expect a consultant to provide for your program. To achieve shared-value relationships, the inverse is also important: You must know and be able to articulate what value the consultant expects to receive. When value is described in measurable terms, it becomes possible to discuss and develop a consensus on value expectations.

Integrity is a cornerstone of good consulting practice. The best consultants operate based upon a code of ethics. As a provider of services, be prepared to state your code of ethics. As a consumer, be sure to ask about it. Key ethics considerations include confidentiality and nondisclosure.

Service is the heart of successful consulting; it is a service business. An effective consultant is one who actively works to deliver real benefits to clients in a professional and effective way. A positive and pleasant experience upon conclusion of each engagement is the mark of service-oriented consulting.  As a consultant, be able to clearly articulate your service model.

Trust aids in confidence, comfort, and ease of communication – all essential for successful consulting.  Good consultants know how to establish trust and will offer solid and meaningful references who attest to their trustworthiness.

Accountability helps to set expectations, enhance communications, prevent misunderstandings, and assure a conflict-free consulting experience for both par ties.

Most of the consultant resumes that I see focus on technology implementations and the technical skills needed for those implementations to be successful. In today’s highly competitive job markets, this alone is not enough to distinguish one consultant from another. It is in their personal qualities and capabilities that an individual’s true leadership strengths emerge.

These are the skills needed to keep projects on-track, address all the challenges that arise, and most importantly it is about maintaining a good client relationship even when projects struggle.

About Jennifer Hay

I’ve been writing technical resumes and advising on career transitions for almost 15 years.

Throughout that time, I’ve read numerous articles about best practices for IT resume writing. What I found in those articles is a lot of bad information because it’s the same advice they give for non-technical professionals. This is important because IT resumes are different.

I built this website to share what I’ve learned in my career. I think you’ll find information on this website that will help make your IT resume a success.