IT Director Branding Statement

(A) Original

The following is the original statement from a client's resume:

“In an industry driven by innovative and change, took a leadership role in initiating a transformation of the enterprise infrastructure and support structure, designed to enable the organization to manage rapid growth.”

(B) Reworked

This following is the reworked original statement (A) based on the branding statement template which includes answering 5 questions:

  1. What are your most significant personal traits?
  2. What is your role as a professional?
  3. What are the important things that you do?
  4. Who wants or needs you to do those things?
  5. How do the things that you do help people?

“I am an innovative leader of who transforms digital infrastructure to enable rapid growth into new markets.”

(C) Revised

The following is the revised template-based statement (B) that's based on 4 C’s – concise, catchy, credible, casual:

“Leading infrastructure innovation and creating growth opportunities in the digital economy.”